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If you are moving into a new home, or opening a new business, there may be some left-over odors that are not favorable. No matter how much cleaning or disinfecting you may do, those odors seem to still be in the air. What you may not be aware of is that the odors are not in the air, but may very well be in your carpet. Simply, vacuuming your carpet, or putting down carpet freshener will not be enough to get out those odors.  

Your new place should have a new smell

With our services you're sure to get carpet that smells as new as the day it was installed. Call us today!


If you are a smoker or someone in your residence is, the smoke smell can get in your carpet, causing your home to smell like one big ashtray. Let us get those odors out so that you can breathe easy.


Get that cigarette smell out of your carpet

Homes or business that may have had a small fire can cause your home to smell like smoke. You may think, simply airing out the property will help with the smell, but smoke is a stubborn substance with a strong smell. When that smell gets into your carpet, you may think that you have to throw your carpet out. We will use special cleaning products to lift the smell out and save your carpet.

Smoke from a fire is a hard odor to remove

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